A much loved favourite for many in its heyday ‘Grange Hill’ tomorrow comes to BritBox UK where fans of the show young and old can relive Series 1 – 4.

The very start of the show from February 1978 introduces us to classic characters such as Tucker Jenkins, Benny Green and Trisha Yates. Episodes include the saga of Benny’s football boots and that infamous swimming pool episode. Mrs McCluskey deals with a spate of vandalism and the school sees a protest over uniforms.

Susan Tully as Suzanne Ross in Series 4 (Picture: BBC)

Fans can also join in a watchalong with the official BritBox UK Twitter account @BritBox_UK from 7pm so be sure to follow them and join in.

Speaking to BritBox about the possibilty of cuts to the episodes over potentially offensive language they have told me that 1 – 4 were not quite as ‘hard hitting’ as the later seasons but the compliance team are looking to see if warnings are needed.

By Eastieoaks

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