Hell hath no fury and for Al he best watch out as Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) and Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) cook up a plan to destroy love rat Al Chapham (Michael Wildman).

Priya gets her hands on all of Al’s passwords and informs Debbie who is both intrigued and delighted having now thought of a plan for their revenge.

However, Debbie senses just how unsure Priya is when the pair discuss conning Al.

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When Al sends both Debbie and Priya identical texts her mood darkens, but still torn over what to do.

And later when Al talks to Priya about buying a house, Priya’s heart quickens as she starts to suspect he is choosing her over Debbie.

After a declaration of love, Priya is conflicted.

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Al isn’t the only person Debbie is gunning for this week as Moira also gets a piece of her mind over the affair with Nate – spotted by Tracy (seriously does she just appear everywhere?), who notices Nate defend Moira.

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Emmerdale continues Monday 18 January on ITV at 7pm

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