Neighbours spoilers: Monday 18 – Friday 22 January 2021

  • Hendrix lands in dicey waters.
  • Amy scrambles to avoid disaster.
  • Hendrix makes a mistake.
  • Nicolette pushes herself too hard.
  • Chloe gets entangled in Amy’s mess.

Monday 18th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Libby Butler
  • Director – Chris Adshead

Enjoying his winning streak, Hendrix appears to have independent life under control. When Kane texts him and Jay about another game, he’s keen to get back in. Aware she’s contracted to deliver uniforms she doesn’t own the designs for, Amy considers fleeing. For the most part, Bea and Levi are enjoying the honeymoon period of their new relationship, but there’s one small problem…

Tuesday 19th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Rene Zandveld
  • Director – Chris Adshead

Desperate not to lose Hendrix as a friend, Jay points out his recent blackjack loss will ultimately make Hendrix seem less suspicious if they play again. But his problems increase when the games are cancelled. A whirlwind Amy tries to talk a bemused Terese into considering new designs for the Lassiters uniform. Shane gets to work helping Amy out with new ideas, and the unlikely duo begin to bring out the best in each other.

Wednesday 20th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Jessica Paine
  • Director – Chris Langman

Kyle returns from Germany, devastated over Bossy’s death but determined to keep a brave face. As the blackjack game starts at No 24, Hendrix does a little too well and Kane grows suspicious. But then his luck turns. Nicolette is working herself ragged to try to win back David’s favour, but so far having no joy.

Thursday 21st January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Linda Stainton
  • Director – Chris Langman

Sheila is devastated to learn that Clive and Jane are together. Aaron confronts David over his lack of leniency towards Nicolette. She is pushing herself hard to win back David’s favour, and on top of Ricardo’s messages and Jane’s downloading, she reaches breaking point. Kyle inadvertently leads Roxy to believe he’s got her an amazing Christmas present duty-free.

Friday 22nd January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Pavan Dutta
  • Director – Chris Langman

When Amy learns Lassiters are doing a photo shoot with the original uniform prototypes, she freaks out, causing Chloe to dig into things. Ricardo’s indecent proposal still hangs over Nicolette. When she tells him she doesn’t agree to his arrangement, he seemingly accepts her choice. But she’s blindsided when he comes back to her with something much worse. David finds Nicolette passed out and gets her to hospital.


  • Andrew Bongiorno as Ricardo Romano
  • Annie Jones as Jane Harris
  • April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan
  • Barry Conrad as Kane Jones
  • Ben Anderson as Tim Collins
  • Ben Hall as Ned Willis
  • Benny Turland as Hendrix Greyson
  • Bonnie Anderson as Bea Nilsson
  • Charlotte Chimes Nicolette Stone
  • Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning
  • Christina Tan as Noni Beal
  • Colette Mann as Sheila Canning
  • Dhruv Malge as Jay Rebecchi
  • Geoff Paine as Clive Gibbons
  • Georgie Stone as Mackenzie Hargreaves
  • Jacinta Stapleton as Amy Greenwood
  • Jemma Donovan as Harlow Robinson
  • Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan
  • Nicholas Coghlan as Shane Rebecchi
  • Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis
  • Richie Morris as Levi Canning
  • Samantha Healey as Natasha Leighton
  • Sharon Johal as Dipi Rebecchi
  • Takaya Honda as David Tanaka
  • Zima Anderson as Roxy Willis

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