Ros na Rún spoilers: Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 January 2021

  • Mo is having trouble sleeping.
  • Fiach has his eye on someone.
  • Tadhg struggles to breathe.

Ros na Rún airs 8.30pm on TG4

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tadhg, having being cleared of any involvement in Frances murder, should have a spring in his step today, but he doesn’t. . Tadhg seems to be struggling with the most menial of tasks. Is Tadhg OK?

Mo is doing all she can to help Tadhg and Áine, but is beginning to feel the strain of it all. Colm thinks she is doing too much and strongly suggests she stop catering to their every need. Will Mo listen to him?

O’Shea, try as she might, is finding it difficult to continue working, with her injury. But will she take a step back from her job?

Caitríona is doing her very best to budget the very little allowance Vince gives her. Vince appreciating the huge effort she is making treats her to a new bottle of perfume. Will Caitríona appreciate this gift?

Thursday 21st January 2021

Mo, much to Colm’s annoyance, makes herself too readily available to Tadhg and Áine. Will this cause friction between her and Colm?

All seems like it is going well for Sorcha, but an encounter with Briain has her reaching for a pill. What is Sorcha taking?

Rónán is doing his very best to please Máire, and feels he is making headway. But when he overhears Bobbi Lee and Máire discussing him he realises how very wrong he was. What has Rónán heard?

Fiach keen to impress Michelle, buys her a present, but tries not to make a big deal about it. Sorcha realises what Fiach is at but will Michelle?

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