Hollyoaks returns to five episodes a week and cast members tease what is ahead

For the first time in months Hollyoaks is back with a brand new Friday episode and 5 cast members are dishing the dirt on what is happening.

Verity has very much backed herself into a corner pretending to be pregnant, cover for Diane. But as Sami takes to the idea of becoming a dad and gets invested in it, how long will this lie stay a secret?

(Video Credit: Lime Pictures)

Are #Stames the next couple to rock Hollyoaks? as the James and Ste work on bringing down the county lines run. For James it is about helping Juliet and for Ste it is redemption for Sid… however in the process the duo will become a lot closer.

(Video Credit: Lime Pictures)

Newcomer Denise Welch reveals how Trish has got the moves and will be setting up her own dance studio to teach the young and old her routines.

(Video Credit: Lime Pictures)

Will Theresa make a great escape with Seth when he plans a get away with the blackmail money? Leave with her scheming boyfriend or stay and make things right with the family.

(Video Credit: Lime Pictures)

Sienna and Brody’s relationship could be over if Summer gets her way and reveals the affair with Warren. Anna Passey reveals all…

(Video Credit: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks continues at 7pm tonight on E4

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