• Will Caitríona disappoint Vince?
  • Michelle gets a surprise gift from Fiach.
  • Annette comes to Rónán’s aid.

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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Colm, worried for Mo, insists she go to the Doctor. Mo, having promised to help Áine today refuses, but Colm isn’t taking no for an answer. What could be troubling Mo?

Caitríona is persuaded to join Bobbi Lee and Berni today on a shopping spree. Vince doesn’t really think Caitríona should go. What will Caitríona do?

Bobbi Lee is convinced that Rónán is not to be trusted and when her purse goes missing, she quickly suspects he took it. Can Rónán prove his innocence?

Noreen knows Tadhg and John Joe are up to no good, and her suspicions are confirmed when she sees Tadhg with the cheap booze John Joe got from up north. Tadhg worries Noreen will dob him into O’Shea. Will she?

Thursday 28th January 2021

Colm is becoming increasingly concerned about Mo’s nightmares. It all becomes a little too much for Mo, when invited to dinner at Tigh Thaidhg’s. Will Mo finally reveal what is bothering her?

Bobbi Lee and Berni hang off Luke’s every word at dinner. Briain is far from impressed, and voices his concerns to Niall. Niall tells Briain to chillax, Luke is no threat, but despite himself, Niall wonders if Briain has a point.

Caitríona, bored with working everyday in the radio pobail, seeks a new challenge. She tells Vince about an idea she has for a documentary, and is delighted when he offers to support her in any way he can. Will this new documentary make Caitríona happy or cause misery for others?

Rory believing he has a chance with Michelle, invites her over to his place for a drink. Will Michelle break Fiach’s heart and accept his offer?

By Eastieoaks

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