Jill Halfpenny stars in The Drowning on Channel 5

When Jodie catches sight of Daniel, a teenage boy, she is convinced she has found her missing son. Whether she is right or not, in that moment her spark of hope is ignited and she commits to a dangerous and transgressive path that will take her to the edge of reason. How far will she go? How far would any of us go to find a missing child?

Jill Halfpenny (Three Girls, Dark Money, Liar) plays Jodie. Since losing her son nine years ago she has been rebuilding her life, but when she catches sight of Daniel, it threatens to up-end the life that she has carefully pieced back together. Jonas Armstrong (The Bay, Ripper Street, Line of Duty) is Jason, Jodie’s only sibling, the only real support she has had in her life. Always in control, he is a practising lawyer, on the cusp of a huge promotion.

Jilly Halfpenny as Jodie (Picture: ViacomCBS / Photographer – Bernard Walsh)

Deborah Findlay plays Lynn, Jodie’s mother, with whom she has a fractious relationship. Cody Molko plays Daniel the boy Jodie becomes fixated with, and Rupert Penry-Jones (Whitechapel, Silks, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man) plays his father Mark, an architect who keeps a tight rein on his emotions and on his son’s life.

Deborah Findlay plays Lynn (Picture: ViacomCBS / Photographer – Bernard Walsh)

Also starring Babs Olusanmokun (Black Mirror, The Defenders, The Widow) as Ade and Jade Anouka (His Dark Materials, Cleaning Up, Small Axe) as Jodie’s friend and partner Yasmin.

Episode One

Jodie (Jill Halfpenny) is a woman whose life has been shattered by the disappearance of her four-year-old son. But now, nine years on, Jodie has found a way to survive. Immersed in a job that requires a lot of physical labour, she has isolated herself from the world she once knew – until she sees a boy, Daniel (Cody Molko), whom she believes to be her son. Jodie follows the boy, discovering where he lives and where he goes to school.

But when the police and her ex-husband dismiss her passionate conviction, she takes matters into her own hands and begins to infiltrate and inveigle herself into Daniel’s and his father, Mark’s (Rupert Penry-Jones) lives. Jodie manages to access Daniel’s school through a music teacher vacancy, but her lack of qualifications and urgency to get close to him forces her to ask one of her employees, ADE (Babs Olusanmokun) to help her source forged documents, after she discovers his own work papers are fake.

(Picture: Unstoppable Film & Television / Photographer – Bernard Walsh)

Episode Two

Jodie uses her private lesson with Daniel to try and look for proof that he is her missing son, but an interruption from Mark stops her in her tracks. His lack of enthusiasm in having her around is obvious, with him dismissing Jodie’s offer of future lessons. She’s frustrated to have not found more evidence, but it’s clear there is no mother around. Ade is under pressure from the document forgers to come up with more money for Jodie’s papers, but as Jodie tries to help she is interrupted by her brother, Jason (Jonas Armstrong).

After a family intervention to declare the missing Tom officially dead, Jodie’s urgency to prove Daniel’s identity increases. She continues to juggle her struggling gardening business and her new teaching job, much to the dismay of her business partner, Yasmin (Jade Anouka). An incident at school gets them looking deeper into Jodie’s background, but not before she takes the kids to a recording session, Daniel coming face to face with her ex-husband, Ben.

(Picture: Unstoppable Film & Television / Photographer – Bernard Walsh)

Episode Three

Jodie makes a plan with Daniel to source him a passport and flee the country for a fresh start, but when she returns from visiting the forgers, Daniel has gone, promising to see her in school tomorrow. A distressed Jodie storms into the school the next morning, looking for Daniel, only to be confronted by the staff about her fake papers – her time has run out.

She manages to flee before the police arrive, only to come face to face with Mark. In a flurry of events, she manages to reunite with Daniel and make for their escape, but with the police on their tail, is it all too late?

(Picture: Unstoppable Film & Television / Photographer – Bernard Walsh)

Episode Four

With the confusion around Daniel’s identity increasing every second, secrets start to unearth, and it seems someone close will stop at nothing to protect themselves and stop Jodie’s hunt for the truth from taking them down.

The truth behind Tom’s disappearance starts to come to light and Jodie has to face what happened all those years ago head on, at the scene where it all took place….

  • Writer – Tim Dynevor
  • Director – Carolina Giammetta
  • Babs Olusanmokun as Ade
  • Cody Molko as Daniel
  • Dara Devaney as Ben
  • Deborah Findlay as Lynn
  • Deirdre Mullins as Kate
  • Jade Anouka as Yasmin
  • Jill Halfpenny as Jodie
  • Jonas Armstrong as Jason
  • Oluwole Jones as Jerzy
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Mark
  • Shashi Rami as Andri

The Drowning begins Monday 1 February at 21:00

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