So we finally got an answer to the story that has been running in Ros na Rún since September “Who killed Frances?”, well now we know as the closing scenes of the latest episode (Thursday 28th January) saw Mo confess.

The episode saw Colm (Pól Penrose) grow increasingly worried about Mo (Marie Bheag Breathnach) who had been talking in her sleep about Frances. However, Mo attempted to give him the brush off and put it down to talking about baby names the previous day.

Colm knew something was wrong (Picture: TG4)

Things were also not going well for Áine (Doireann Ní Fhoighil) who was still being bullied online. This didn’t go unoticed by Mo who saw the messages on the phone. Áine explained it was people from school and it wasn’t new, it hadn’t been going on for a while. Áine agreed to tell her father about the bullying but only if Mo was there for backup.

Nasty online bullies continue to plague Áine (Picture: TG4)

Later, Tadhg (Macdara Ó Fátharta) turned up and Mo was clearly left uneasy when informed that Áine had set a place for Frances at the table, it was her birthday, and he couldn’t stop her.

Something was clearly bothering Mo who now just wanted to be alone, a guilty conscience will do that to you.

As the episode drew to a conclusion a somber Mo was joined by Colm, who had been looking all over for her. Mo quickly put a stop to calling the baby Frances and after being pushed for answers told Colm that Áine will never be fine, and will never forgive her, she did it, she killed Frances.

Mo is a killer (Picture: TG4)

Well we the viewers know who it is now but how long before Mo cracks and everyone in Ros na Rún finds out?

Following the confession Colm is left distraught and struggles to deal with the revelation. As torn as he may be over what to do it soon dawns on him that he needs to support her. However, living in Ros na Run may not make that easy and he comes to a drastic decision, but will Mo agree to it?

Also coming up: Caitríona wants to make her documentary about Frances’s murder. Vince wonders if it is too soon but Caitríona thinks it is the perfect time. Will Tadhg give Caitríona his blessing?

Ros na Rún continues on Tuesday 2 February at 8:30pm, TG4. Catch up on TG4 Player

By Eastieoaks

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