What I liked:

Ben and Callum getting engaged.

Wondering where they will go with this Lucas storyline, Having Don Gilet back in the show is so good as he plays a devious bad guy you love to hate.

Gail and Eileen once again sniping at each other.

Nina and Asha’s slow burn friendship/romance which has so much potential if Coronation Street don’t rush and screw it up.

Please, please get this right (Picture: ITV)

Debbie and Priya in Emmerdale plotting against Al.

Moira and Sarah scenes and the mention of Holly.

Ella’s scenes with Mandy in Hollyoaks and the killer secret that will inevtiably come out.

Having Grace back on screen.

What I didn’t like:

How rushed Ben and Callum’s engagment was after the recent drama between the couple.

Billy on his high horse in EastEnders – you cheated on Honey and she left you, move on.

Gail and her quest for Fanny as this will probably beforgotten about in 5 minutes.

Michael and the police – as like EastEnders this will probably go nowhere and Kegan’s storyline ended up having a pointless end.

Charles and Manpreet. Having new blood to the village was brilliant except they didn’t need write ties to existing characters when they could have written the character from scratch.

Jimmy and Juliette…yawn.

Sienna and Warren, again yawn, I am tired of the pair of them at this point.

Sid back working for Victor.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

By Eastieoaks

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