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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

A distraught Colm is struggling to deal with what Mo has told him, but soon realises he needs to support her.

Caitríona wants to make her documentary about Frances’s murder. Vince wonders if it is too soon but Caitríona thinks it is the perfect time. Will Tadhg give Caitríona his blessing?

Michelle regrets sleeping with Fiach ,and tells Sorcha, she only did it to make Rory jealous. A disappointed Fiach, thanks to Sorcha, realises Michelle has no interest in him, so plays it cool when bumping into Michelle later. How will Michelle react to his aloofness?

Luke is left with little choice but to tell Bobbi Lee about his cancer diagnosis. He asks her not to tell Niall. Will Bobbi Lee keep his secret?

Luke tells Bobbi Lee his secret (Picture: TG4)
Michells starts to regret her kiss with Fiach but is surprised by how easy going he is about it all. (Picture: TG4)

By Eastieoaks

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