Wednesday February 3rd 2021

  • Writer – Mark Burt
  • Director – John Anderson

TODD FINDS THE TASTE OF SUCCESS IS BITTER-SWEET Paul’s anger turns to despair as Billy asserts that he has to put Summer first. Surveying the damage he’s caused Todd feels a pang of guilt. Finding Paul alone in the Rovers, Todd masks his discomfort as Paul confides in him about how it looks like he’s lost everything and only has himself to blame for letting Will into their lives.

IS ASHA MOVING TOO FAST? Asha invites Nina to No.7 for tea and assures her Dev will be cool with it. When Dev tells Roy of Asha and Nina’s burgeoning relationship, Roy’s unfazed and reckons Dev should be flattered that Asha felt able to share something so personal with him. Dev does his best to make Nina feel welcome at No.7.

SIMON HOPES THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER A downbeat Simon confides in Jacob that without his bike he’ll lose his job and he really needs the money. When Simon shows Kelly the new bike that Jacob has lent him, Kelly’s unimpressed.

ELSEWHERE An awkward Tyrone returns home and tells Alina that he’s arranged with Debbie for her to move back into the salon flat. Alina packs her bag and whilst Fiz glares at a guilty Tyrone. At the bistro, Jenny’s flattered when a hot looking bloke checks her out. Devious Daisy nips over and asks him for his phone number.


  • Adam Hussain as Aadi Alahan
  • Alan Halsall as Tyrone Dobbs
  • Alex Bain as Simon Barlow
  • Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley
  • Daniel Brocklebank as Billy Mayhew
  • David Neilson as Roy Cropper
  • Gareth Pierce as Todd Grimshaw
  • Harriet Bibby as Summer Spellman
  • Jennie McAlpine as Fiz Stape
  • Jimmi Harkishin as Dev Alahan
  • Matt Lanigan as Neil
  • Maureen Lipman as Evelyn Plummer
  • Millie Gibson as Kelly Neelan
  • Mollie Gallagher as Nina Lucas
  • Peter Ash as Paul Foreman
  • Ruxandra Porojnicu as Alina Pop
  • Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Connor
  • Tanisha Gorey as Asha Alahan