Wednesday 3 February 2021, Channel 5, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

  • Writer – Michelle Offen
  • Director – Arnie Custo

Mackenzie sells her car to pay off the drug debt, despite Ari’s objections. Justin has a rough week with his legs and snaps at Leah, so John decides to intervene. Is Marilyn really looking for a date, or did she accidentally click ‘match’ on the app?


  • Ada Nicodemou as Leah Patterson
  • Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers
  • Emily Weir as Mackenzie Booth
  • Ethan Browne as Tane Parata
  • James Stewart as Justin Morgan
  • Lukas Radovich as Ryder Jackson
  • Lynne McGranger as Irene Roberts
  • Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart
  • Rob Kipa-Williams as Ari Parata
  • Shane Withington as John Palmer