Soap Rant: The Dale Fail

Let’s start with Gabby’s storyline. Where the hell did this suddenly come from? Is it in Alex’s contract that Jamie must be with someone? Andrea, Belle, Dawn and now Gabby in the last 12 months. I mean fair play they managed to put Jamie with someone I wouldn’t expect but if this story really does run for ‘years’ as teased then god help us all.

(Picture: ITV)

Speaking of Jamie I think it would have been more unexpected tonight if Moira really had shot someone. Much like Mackenzie I want to see this smug bastard get the grin well and truly wiped off his face. The hit&run keeps getting brought up and yet he is still walking free.

It was great to see Mackenzie actually being not-a-cunt for 5 minutes and telling Jamie that Kyle was in the barn. It is one of those rare times where you see me praise a character I dislike. He’ll probably do something nasty soon and i’ll take that back.

I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter (Picture: ITV)

Another pair of brats I could do without are Heath and Cathy Hope, I had almost forgotten they existed tbf. The first appearance of them for almost a year and such bad attitude – I know kids in soaps get a lot of bad press but this pair are hardly characters that needed to come back.

Paul: A yawn story that seems to only be heading one way either he will get the money by some nefarious means and Mandy will find out then kick him out OR he will be unable to raise the money he is being blackmailed for and end up dead, either way I think his days are numbered.

Paul the other one… (Picture: ITV)

Al/Charity plot: Al is another man that seems to go from one woman to another without drawing breath. Priya, Debbie and next week Charity. I really don’t know what Emmerdale’s long term plan is here but it is one thing and then another for Charity lately. There is drama and giving her storylines but there is also misery overload. We have just recently got through scenes where Charity wasn’t hammered in all of them only for her to apparently be ‘apocoleptic’ and is taken advantage of. I think if Al does go through with sleeping with a drunken Charity then that is the end of his character as rapists don’t have a long shelf life after it.

Rishi and Manpreet: As much as they aren’t the most exciting couple in the village Rishi is a decent guy and he didn’t deserve this unless Emmerdale plan to get Manpreet and Charles hooking up then this is another pairing wrecked for no good reason.

Saira, Manpreet or whatever your name is (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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