Fflam spoilers: Series 1 Episode 1

Life begins to get better for Noni as her loving relationship with Deniz develops, but when she sees a ghost from her past walking near the café, is there a danger that her life will start to collapse around her again’

Noni’s best friend Malan and Deniz’s sister Ekin are also full of hope as their plans to have a child together become possible, with Deniz agreeing to be a donor so he can be the father of their child.

Gwyneth Keyworth who plays Noni says: “At a time when the real world is quite scary, I think Fflam will be a chance to enter Noni’s bizarre little world and escape reality for half an hour. I love a binge watch, especially during lock-down, so that’s how I’ll choose to watch. But then people like my Mum and Dad enjoy sitting down to watch at a certain time every week. Certainly, Noni would tell you to just do what you want – that’s what she always does!”

As well as a stellar cast, Fflam offers a new way of watching. As soon as the first episode airs,
all six half hour episodes will be available as a set box on S4C Clic.

Noni and Deniz in Fflam (Picture: S4C)
Noni and Deniz in Fflam (Picture: S4C)


  • Gwyneth Keyworth as Noni
  • Mali Ann Rees as Malan
  • Memet Ali Alabora as Deniz
  • Pinar Ogun as Ekin
  • Richard Harrington as Tom
Fflam airs from Wednesday at 9pm on S4C and S4C Clic.

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