Monday 15th February 2021

  • Writer – Pete Lawson
  • Director – Jamie Annett

Linda is wary when Max approaches but to her surprise he offers an olive branch. However, Mick is clearly uncomfortable watching their exchange. Ash feels rejected when Iqra refuses to accept her apology, so she encourages Peter to help drown her sorrows.

Tuesday 16th February 2021

Writer – Lynne Dallow
Director – Jamie Annett

Peter puts on a show for the square, and Max is determined to get Linda back at any cost.

Thursday 18th February 2021

  • Writer – Simon Ashdown
  • Director – Jamie Annett

With the evidence stacked against him, Phil is running out of options.
Martin doesn’t know what to believe, so seeks advice from Kush.

Friday 19th February 2021

  • Writer – Simon Ashdown
  • Director – Jamie Annett

Max makes a life-changing decision, and Stacey is on a mission to prove Ruby’s lies.

Outside the Vic, Stacey reminds Max it’s been 11 years since Bradley passed. Max then tells Linda that in a few hours he will have a surprise that may help her and maybe Mick. Realising that he knows about Mick’s abuse, Linda is seething to learn that Jack told him. As Jack heads to Mick’s to apologise, Mick is furious and heads out the door to find Max. After Max berates Linda for staying with him out of pity, Mick punches Max and threatens to kill him if he goes near Linda again. Later, Jack reiterates what Linda has said, and tells Max that he needs to leave. Heading to the tube station, Max realises that there’s no one left in Walford who wants him to stay. As he walks away from Walford with Abi, he makes a big decision.

Iqra chats to Martin who reveals that Ruby is pregnant. When she later congratulates Ruby and Martin, she also tells them about Jags and Habiba’s baby news. Martin offers no sympathies regarding Jags being in prison, Iqra heads to see Martin whilst Ruby is out to tell him the truth. Martin is left gobsmacked when she reveals that it was Ruby’s fault that he got attacked. After filling Stacey in about Martin’s troubles, Kush admits that Ruby masterminded his escape plan with Arthur. Stacey doesn’t even believe that Ruby is pregnant and decides to take matters into her own hands.

By Eastieoaks

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