Hollyoaks Review: Killers, killers everywhere

Good Morning all, here is the first of what I plan to make regular Hollyoaks reviews.

I love Maxine’s mum Trish, having Denise Welsh in the role is just brilliant casting and adds a new side to Maxine who I feel was going stale. I am not so keen on her creepy, sleazy bf Brad. Also, I am not overjoyed at this whole dance school malarky going on. Everyone in the village lives, breathes and shops on their own doorstep – who has time for a dance school? Alarm bells should have started flashing when Trish mentioned there being “so much to do”. What’s the betting this will end with Maxine being left potless again?

A killer wanted to turn himself in, but was stopped. I am sure this will be regretted later. (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Meanwhile, things were reaching lofty new heights as Toby continued to be subject to ‘Doctor’ Ley’s brand of ‘help’ locking him up and recording his murderous confession just for the sake of her new book. Another soap trope came into play as Toby genuinely wanted to right his wrongs and confess to the police, of course nobody wanted this. The police did turn up not for Toby but for the fake doctor who promptly found herself under arrest for fraud by false representation and cruelty to a child.

Talking of a crime Nancy seems to be the only one who seems to be trying to help Charlie, while Mandy seems dead set on keeping everyone away from Ella who looks like she could blurt it out at any moment, she did already confess to Victor.

I can’t remember the last time I saw Mandy snap like that but another row with Nancy pushed the already desperate mum to the limit and has problably just made this whole situation worse by revealing Charlie’s name online, which immediatly was followed by comments calling for him to be locked up. So in short there is 2 killers free in Hollyoaks at the moment but 1 in prison actually innocent, typical.

All Mandy wanted to do was protect Ella. (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks continues tonight at 7pm on E4.

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