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Tuesday 9th February 2021

It’s the Grand Opening of ‘Íomha’ today. Caitríona is in reporter mode and is gung ho on interviewing Emma. Little does she know that she will uncover more than she thought!

Mo is adamant that she and Colm should not leave Ros na Rún. Colm tries to make her see sense, and that a new start away from it all will ease her guilt and pave a new start for them both. The day goes from bad to worse when Colm lets slip to Caitríona that Frances was on the phone when she was attacked.

Is Mo getting closer to being caught, or will she listen to Colm and escape Ros na Rún for GOOD?

Michelles’s attempt at sabotaging the grand opening of ‘Íomha’ backfires when Emma gets the winning hand. Is Michelle fighting a losing battle, or will she ever succeed in exposing Emma?

(Picture: TG4)

By Eastieoaks

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