Wednesday 10 February 2021, Channel 5, 1:45pm to 2:15pm

  • Writer – Emma J. Steele
  • Director – Scott Major

With Yashvi tracking Kane, everyone is worried sick for Harlow. Nicolette faces Kane’s wrath, as well as disappointment from both Aaron and David.


  • Barry Conrad as Kane Jones
  • Ben Hall as Ned Willis
  • Benny Turland as Hendrix Greyson
  • Bonnie Anderson as Bea Nilsson
  • Charlotte Chimes as Nicolette Stone
  • Jemma Donovan as Harlow Robinson
  • Lloyd Will as Constable Andrew Rodwell
  • Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan
  • Olivia Junkeer as Yashvi Rebecchi
  • Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis
  • Ryan Moloney as Toadfish Rebecchi
  • Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson
  • Takaya Honda as David Tanaka