Based on Guido Maria Brera’s bestselling novel of the same name. Alessandro Borghi stars as Massimo Ruggeri, the Head of Trading at one of the most important investment banks in the world. Massimo’s successes have seen him make hundreds of millions of dollars for his employers, and with it, all but certain promotion to vice-CEO. However, a scandal involving his wife puts a brake on Massimo’s ambitions, leading his American CEO and mentor, Dominic Morgan (Patrick Dempsey), to withdraw his support. Massimo takes this rejection hard, and things go from bad to worse when his rival and apparent successor suddenly dies, and Massimo becomes the prime suspect. Sensing that Dominic is hiding something, Massimo sets about clearing his name and finding out the truth behind the vast political game plan he has inadvertently been caught up in.

Episode One

Head of Trading Massimo Ruggero makes NYL bank millions by speculating on the Greek crisis in the hope of getting the Vice-CEO position. However, CEO Dominic Morgan, who’s like a father to Massimo, denies him the promotion because of a scandal involving Massimo’s past. But the sudden death of a colleague shakes things up.

Episode Two

Feeling betrayed and abandoned by Dominic, Massimo devises a plan to create a scandal against NYL and then leave it after cashing in. But, about to publish the exposé, he finds out that Dominic is hiding something. After deciding to stay, Massimo has to cope with a painful event.

Episode Three

Deeply shaken, Massimo – with the help of Sofia, an Argentinean hacker, who hates NYL for causing her brother’s suicide – tries to determine if Dominic is secretly handling business for Gaddafi, against whom the Libyan War has now been launched. Meanwhile, detective Vicky Bale suspects that Massimo is involved in his colleague’s death.

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Episode Four

Massimo’s traders disobey his orders and speculate on the Irish crisis, falling into a trap set up by Dominic, who intervenes to save the Irish bank. Massimo is about to discover why Dominic denied him the promotion, but when he is interrogated by Vicky, who has found a secret dossier, the whole investigation is suddenly shut down by an order from on high.

Episode Five

Dominic asks Massimo for help in finding his wife Nina, who has disappeared. After locating her where she and Massimo spent an evening of love years ago, Dominic reveals to Massimo that he knew about them cheating and forgave him. But now, after the Irish business, he can no longer trust him. Massimo is suspended as Head of Trading.

Episode Six

Massimo makes a deal with Vicky to get the secret dossier in exchange for the capture of Duval – international fugitive and head of Subterranea, Sofia’s counter-information platform. But he aborts the plan when he discovers that he is personally connected to Sofia’s brother’s death. Still ignorant of that fact, Sofia steals the secret dossier and brings it to Massimo.

Episode Seven

Massimo discovers that the secret dossier hides a liquidity recycling scheme between NYL and a big German bank, used by Dominic to implement an intercontinental plot to preserve the dollar’s hegemony. Since Massimo suspects that that scheme led to his colleague’s death, he now fears for his own life.

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Episode Eight

Massimo has to hurry with Sofia to his sick father’s bedside in Cetara, where he resolves personal issues related to a terrible accident in his past. Meanwhile, Duval steals the dossier, and Dominic forces one of Massimo’s traders to help strategically.

Episode Nine

Massimo, determined to stop Dominic, hacks NYL servers with Subterranea’s help to give the media proof of the scandal. But when Massimo and Sofia realize that Duval will use the scandal to his own anarchic interests, they betray him and get him arrested. They get the dossier back, but Dominic unexpectedly sacks Massimo for allying himself with Subterranea.

Episode Ten

Using the dossier, Massimo finally stops Dominic, and he also finds out who the killer is. While Dominic is sent back to the US, Massimo accepts the CEO position. Sofia, disgusted by Massimo’s choice and learning of his involvement in her brother’s death, vows to destroy him by revealing the scandal behind the dossier. A decision that will cost her and Massimo.

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  • Alessandro Borghi as Massimo Ruggero
  • Harry Michell as Paul McGinnan
  • Kasia Smutniak as Nina Morgan
  • Laia Costa as Sofia Flores
  • Lars Mikkelsen as Daniel Duval
  • Malachi Kirby as Oliver Harris
  • Patrick Dempsey as Dominic Morgan
  • Paul Chowdhry as Kalim Chowdhrey
  • Pia Mechler as Eleanor Bourg
  • Sallie Harmsen as Carrie Price

Devils begins Wednesday 17 February, 21.00 on Sky Atlantic.