My Mum Tracy Beaker: The Beaker is back

Jess Beaker loves her life with her mum Tracy, until famous footballer Sean Godfrey enters the picture!

I know at 29 I am not the intended age bracket for the new Tracy Beaker series but thanks CBBC us weird people, yes “adults” were watching and in our masses if Twitter reactions are a sign to go by. It’s been so well covered on social media and I was 9 when the original began in 2002 there was no way I was going to miss this.

Also, if Twitter is to go by, Tracy’s daughter Jess is a racist for not liking Justine. Because yes it must be colour and nothing to do with the fact that Justine and Tracy have history or that she is potentially knocking off Tracy’s fiancé.

Noah Leacock as Tyrone and Emma Maggie Davies as Jess Beaker (Picture: BBC)

The casting is just brilliant Emma is perfectly believable as Mini Beaker And there are lots of nods to the original series for us old folks, adults, to get nostalgic about. Episode 2 which saw Justine and Tracy meet again covered this really well name dropping a whole bunch of old characters such as Louise and Peter.

I imagine with just 3 episodes written they wanted to speed through everything and that’s why I guess they had Sean propose 5 minutes after seeing Tracy at the end of the first episode. At the time of writing this I haven’t skipped ahead to Iplayer to catch the third and final episode but if one and two are to go by there is plenty of material for another, longer, series.

It’s genuinely lovely to see Cam back again the only mum who has stood by Tracy and let’s be honest having Lisa Coleman back on screen is always a delight. Please tell me if I missed something but when did Carly suddenly come back on the scene? You get Granny Cam one episode then suddenly Tracy’s good-for-nothing mum appears?? I am surprised Tracy can’t see the pound signs flashing in her eyes.

Also the problem with this series is not only did they shove all 3 episodes on Iplayer straight away but 3 conservative days on the CBBC channel. 5pm on a Saturday, really? I know we are currently in a lockdown but this seems like piss poor scheduling to me.

Emma Maggie Davies as Jess Beaker and Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker (Picture: BBC)

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