Emmerdale spoilers: A Faithful return to the village but will she be welcomed?

The welcome return of a much missed character as Faith (Sally Dexter) makes her return after last being seen in 2019. I hope that with the current state of the show this will put some much needed joy into things. Seriously tho, it’s true Dingle behaviour to be stealing hearses.

Moira is stunned to bump into Faith dressed in full mourner’s garb. Incredulous, Moira wants answers from edgy Faith, who’s clearly desperate to get away. As Faith’s companion heads over, Faith runs to the hearse before stealing it and speeding out of the car park.

When Moira gets home she sees a poorly concealed hearse parked up and asks Faith what’s going on. Faith explains but is clearly heartbroken and Moira feels sorry for her. Faith defends why she stayed away and asks Moira if she thinks Cain could forgive her.

(Picture: ITV)

When Cain arrives back from the hospital Faith steps out from the front room and he reels. Faith begs for forgiveness, but he’s fuming telling her she disgusts him and to get out of the house.

Before long, Chas jumps out of her skin when a bedraggled Faith emerges Faith is relieved when Chas admits she’s missed her. Soon Cain and Chas are at loggerheads over whether Faith can stay so Chas decides there’s only one thing for it – a Dingle court. Will Faith get to stay or will she be banished from the village?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 22 February on ITV.

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