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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Caitríona’s happiness over her engagement to Vince is short lived when Laoise bursts her bubble with a bit of earth-shattering news. Because, despite Laoise’s promise to keep mum about Vince and Emma, she just can’t help herself.

Tadhg also stays true to his nature when he bullies Áine’s bully to put an end to his daughter’s misery once and for all.

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Bobbi Lee helps Pádraig reunite with the love of his life by simply being herself, an interfering busybody. And while Sonia decides to be gracious, it’s Sam who she’s most worried about.

And while others celebrate a bit of joy in the village, Laoise is beginning to regret her outburst and her promise to Micheál to keep her mouth shut. Her need to expose Emma may have repercussions.

Thursday 4th March 2021

Vince’s infidelity has been uncovered but he’s still hopeful that Caitríona will forgive him — that is until Laoise reveals she has further evidence that the ‘one night stand’ with Emma was much more than that. It’s even worse in light of Vince lying about the affair.

Pádraig is beginning to have second thoughts about Dan and tackles him about his intentions. Now that they have Sonia’s blessing, he is optimistic about a future for them as a couple but is surprised when Dan tells him he’s willing to move to Ros na Rún.

Laoise feels like she hasn’t a friend in the world after spoiling Caitriona and Vince’s engagement but as she tries to make amends, things only get worse.

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