Fflam spoilers: Series 1 Episode 4

Fflam continues on S4C at 21:00 with episode 4


Deniz begins to worry about Noni’s behavior but Ekin and Malan persuade him that the problem is the time of year and remembering loss following the fire. Will Noni finally get to the truth’

(Picture: S4C)


Mae Deniz yn dechrau gofidio am ymddygiad Noni ond llwydda Ekin a Malan ei ddarbwyllo mai amser y flwyddyn o gofio am y golled yn dilyn y tan sydd wrth wraidd y broblem. A fydd Noni yn cael at y gwir o’r diwedd’

(Picture: S4C)
Fflam airs at 9pm on S4C and S4C Clic.


  • Gwyneth Keyworth as Noni
  • Mali Ann Rees as Malan
  • Memet Ali Alabora as Deniz
  • Pinar Ogun as Ekin
  • Richard Harrington as Tom

Fflam airs at 9pm on S4C and the full series is available in a bingeworthy boxset on S4C Clic.

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