Coronation Street spoilers: This spring on ITV

Will Mellor walks onto the cobbles this month as Harvey, the leader of the local drugs gang, a fagan style character with a team of willing teens at his beck and call.

Harvey piles on the pressure and threats when Simon Barlow wants out of the drug gang. Leanne decides to fight to save son Simon from a life of crime, but it soon becomes clear that Leanne and Simon are in way too deep and a menacing Harvey has no intention of letting them out of his grasp. When things don’t go quite to plan, Harvey enlists the help of someone who has a history of causing problems for the residents of Coronation Street.

(Picture: ITV)

When Fiz and Tyrone gave Alina a roof over her head, her short stay at number nine sets in motion a sequence of events that looks like having catastrophic consequences for one of the street’s longest-standing partnerships. After a health scare, Tyrone finds himself drawn increasingly into Alina’s orbit and it isn’t long before feelings start to grow. Meanwhile, an oblivious Fiz is trying to ignite some much-needed passion into her and Tyrone’s relationship. Will Tyrone’s midlife crisis mean that Fiz’s efforts are in vain as he embarks on an affair with Alina and puts his own feelings before that of his family?

When Ronnie Bailey arrived on the cobbles, brother Ed and the boys were thrilled to have him and his flash car brightening up their lives, but Aggie was less than pleased. Is it just his habit of leading Ed astray that worries her or does she have a more personal reason for hoping he doesn’t stick around? With Ronnie a firm fixture on the cobbles, it soon becomes clear that he has been keeping the daddy of all secrets.

(Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Abi and Debbie continue to be daggers drawn despite Debbie’s best efforts to help with planning Kevin and Abi’s wedding. Carla and Peter are also keen to tie the knot, but with Peter’s health worsening, it’s a race against time to become Mr and Mrs Barlow.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7:30pm on ITV.

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