Friday 5 March 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Rachel Hall
  • Director – Ian Curtis

New kid on the block… a mysterious newcomer runs in to the village, while being chased by two
unidentified men, after allegedly fleeing his wedding day… Whilst he is hiding, he overhears a
private conversation, and is now in possession of a secret that could destroy a couple…The
mysterious man is later revealed to be Sami’s step-cousin, Shaq.

County Lines…A vulnerable Ollie is playing with fire with drugs boss Victor.

Head to head…Mercedes’ dreams of becoming ‘Dee Valley Business Woman of the Year’ are put
in jeopardy when her jealous step daughter, Cher decides to go up against her to win the prize.
However, things aren’t smooth sailing for Cher, and in a fit of anger, she turns violent towards