This powerful new drama is a re-interpretation for television of a multi-award winning production by the National Theatre of Scotland.

Inspired by the life of Adam Kashmiry, the drama tells his remarkable story, featuring Adam himself in the lead role.

Born in Egypt, Adam was assigned female at birth, but always knew he was a boy. Then, as he reached adulthood, he had to flee from his homeland, coming to Scotland hoping to transition.

Written by playwright Frances Poet, and reworked for the screen, the hour-long drama focuses on Adam’s isolating experiences in a Glasgow flat while awaiting a decision on his asylum claim.

Trapped in a Catch 22 where he cannot prove his need for asylum as a trans man until he transitions, but is unable to start transitioning until he is granted asylum, Adam is left alone to wrestle with his conflicting thoughts and feelings as every waking moment sees him haunted by figures from his past and present.

Egyptian Adam (Yasmin Al-Khudhairi) and Adam (Adam Kashmiry) (Picture: BBC)

The original play garnered extensive critical acclaim and awards when it was staged at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. This new version has been produced by the National Theatre of Scotland in conjunction this time with Hopscotch Films.

As in the theatre production, Adam Kashmiry will play himself. Yasmin Al-Khudhairi appears as Egyptian Adam, the opposing side of Adam’s character’s trans self with whom he psychologically grapples as his mental health deteriorates.

Other cast members include Nesha Caplan and Stephen McCole, who play authority figures who drift in and out of his nightmarish reflections; Myriam Acharki and Haqi Ali as Adam’s parents, and Rehanna Macdonald and Hamish Wyllie as characters from Adam’s Egyptian teenage years.

This new version combines some of the feel of a theatrical production with more intimate TV direction as the drama explores Adam’s mental, physical and confessional journey. Scenes from Adam’s past are recounted in an abstract setting representing the lead character’s memories, creating a stylised viewer experience.

(Picture: National Theatre Scotland)


  • Adam Kashmiry – Adam
  • Hamish Wyllie
  • Haqi Ali
  • Myriam Acharki
  • Neshla Caplan
  • Rehanna Macdonald
  • Stephen McCole
  • Yasmin Al-Khudhairi – Egyptian Adam


  • Director – Louise Lockwood
  • Director – Cora Bissett
  • Writer – Frances Poet

Adam airs on BBC Scotland at 10:15pm