Episode Two – We Need To Talk About Doreen

A birthday weekend away goes devastatingly wrong when Angela and four of her friends travel down from Glasgow to celebrate in Bath.

Angela, always the centre of attention, is delighted to have a weekend away from her husband and small child, and can’t wait to party with her best friend Doreen, her sister-in-law Melissa, her sister Cath and her new step-mum Hilary.

On their first night in town, the ladies meet a group of young rugby players and when the nightclubs close, everyone ends up at a house party at an upscale mansion, near Brunel’s famous Box Hill Tunnel.

(Picture: ITV)

The next morning they wake to hangovers from hell, and when one of the rugby players is found dead on the railway lines near the house, all the party-goers become suspects.

DCI McDonald and DS Dodds are called in to investigate. The victim, Dominique Aubert – a promising young rugby player – died after drinking a lethal cocktail of what appears to be a date rape drug, making McDonald and Dodds unsure as to whether he was even the intended victim.

Doreen takes an unusual interest in Dodds while McDonald unearths a tangled web of jealousies around the women and the rugby club. Bath’s finest crime fighters face a daunting challenge to unravel the mystery of Dominique’s death.


  • Allegra Marland as Pearl Walker
  • Andrew Rothney as Rhuaridh Mcgruder
  • Carl Anderson as Owen Walker
  • Felipe Bejarano as Robbie Pahura
  • George Watkins as Gregg Byrne
  • Jack Riddiford as Dc Darren Craig
  • James Murray as Chief Supt John Houseman
  • Jason Watkins as Ds Dodds
  • John Thomson as Jimmy Daly
  • Joy Mcavoy as Angela Mcgruder
  • Kat Ronney as Cath Taylor
  • Lily Sacofsky as Dc Milena Paciorkowski
  • Maya Coates as Melissa Mcgruder
  • Natalie Gumede as Deborah Winwick
  • Sharon Rooney as Doreen Warren
  • Shelley Conn as Hilary O’doyle
  • Tala Gouveia as Dci Lauren Mcdonald
  • Tomos Gwynfryn as Dominique Aubert
  • Vincent Moisy as Barman

Episode 2 airs on ITV at 8:00pm