This modern adaptation of the iconic Prisoner series follows Bea Smith from her early days in prison to her rise to be the gutsy and fearless ruler of Wentworth Correctional Centre. The drama explores the politics within a women’s prison, and how the experience of living behind razor wire changes those confined there.

With the entire series including the brand- new eighth series dropping on demand, it’s the perfect time for viewers to catch up with this family of misfits and rebels, forced to forge unlikely friendships and allegiances in order to survive.

Series 1 introduces viewers to Bea all over again, along with iconic allies and enemies Doreen Anderson, Liz Birdsworth and Franky Doyle. Jacs Holt also makes her debut as the ruthless matriarch of a crime family reigning over Wentworth. Each of the ten episodes in this series explores an individual character’s backstory.

Series 2 picks up three months after the conclusion of the first season. With Franky rising to fill the power vacuum Bea created, and Bea herself languishing in the slot, the sudden arrival of new governor Joan Ferguson turns everything upside down. While Ferguson tries to clean up Wentworth at all costs, Bea focuses on avenging her daughter’s murder from the inside.

In Series 3, Bea returns to Wentworth after her bold escape to assume the mantle of ‘top dog’, but her rivalry with Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson is only heating up. If Bea wants to take her down, she’ll need the help of her fellow inmates – as well as some of Ferguson’s trusted officers.

Series 4 sees Bea facing off against two formidable enemies: extremist feminist Kaz, who seeks to undermine the status quo of Wentworth, and Ferguson, now a fellow inmate bent on both exoneration and revenge.

You can totally get your Freak on (Photos: Fremantle/Channel 5)

The fifth series picks up in the days following the tragic events of the previous season finale. As the inmates and staff reel from emotional, psychological and professional shockwaves, new top dog Kaz tries to restore order among the incarcerated women.

As Series 6 begins, most of Wentworth’s inmates and officers are stunned by the apparent joint escape of Franky and Ferguson, but the truth weighs heavily on co-conspirators Will Jackson and Jake Stewart. Kaz steels herself to resume her duties as top dog, but peace can never last long behind the walls of Wentworth.

Series 7 explores the theme of defending, protecting and avenging loved ones as the two emerging titans Rita and Marie come to the brink of confrontation, and a pregnant Vera relaxes now that Ferguson’s case is closed. Meanwhile, the prison community fractures as uncertainty abounds.

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Lastly, Series 8 premieres with a final exploration of resurrection, rehabilitation and redemption. Newly appointed general manager Ann Reynolds enters the scene to initiate tougher measures following a catastrophic siege, and the women rally around Allie – until a notorious former inmate with a propensity for violence returns.

Season 1-8 will drop on My5 later this month

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