Thursday 11 March 2021 – BBC One – 19:35

  • Writer – Pete Lawson
  • Director – Christopher McGill
  • Director – Richard Lynn
  • Director – Conor Morrissey

Karen goes on a date with mystery man `Jordan” – unaware she is sitting down for a drink with Lucas – and is so excited she takes a sneaky picture of him to show her family. Jay and Billy argue over who will take Janet to her audition – only for an accident to leave the girl stranded. Isaac comes up with an idea to help take Bailey’s mind off Mother’s Day, and local matchmaker Kim encourages Iqra to pursue Mila, before turning her attention to Bobby’s love life.

Like butter wouldn’t melt! (Picture: BBC)
Karen is excited about her date with the mysterious ‘Jordan’ none the wiser about who he is really is. (Picture: BBC)
That’s until she snaps a photo of him and the rest of the family see (Picture: BBC)