Emmerdale spoilers: Paul violently attacks Vinny… has he killed him?

(Picture: ITV)

As they all plan for Mandy’s hen and Paul’s stag we can sense Lydia’s doubts about Paul. Vinny overhears a conversation and soon quizzes Paul who puts his foot in it by getting the details of his kidnapping story mixed up, leaving Vinny suspicious. The next day, Vinny tells Liv about the inconsistencies in Paul’s kidnapping story. Mandy’s hen do is soon getting underway.

At the stag Vinny seizes on a moment to tell Paul he’s seen the van he was kidnapped in around the scrapyard. Paul panics and makes a call to Connor. Vinny having overheard now knows Paul wasn’t kidnapped and realises Paul arranged it to con Liv out of her inheritance.

(Picture: ITV)

When Vinny declares he’s going to tell Mandy the truth, Paul’s demeanour hardens. A terrified Vinny backtracks as an unhinged Paul pummels him to the ground. Vinny lies unconscious with blood trickling from his mouth.

Paul stares at still unconscious Vinny, convinced he’s killed him.

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 15 March on ITV.

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