Emmerdale spoilers: Will leaves a heartbroken Harriet in the cellar as he sleeps with Kim

Visiting Harriet in the cellar, Will sees that she’s packed up her belongings and hopes she’s going to leave her bunker, but Harriet’s unsure, reluctant to commit. Hearing Kim enter Woodbine through the unlocked front door, demanding to know what’s going on, they freeze, fearing they’re about to be discovered.

(Picture: ITV)

Will sneaks upstairs and feigns entry from the back door. Will lies to Kim, telling her Harriet wanted him back, then took off when he rejected her. Sympathetic, Kim opens up about the problems in her own life. Kim makes a pass at Will, he prepares to rebuff her, until they’re distracted by a noise from the cellar, panicking him.

In the cellar, Harriet hurriedly picks up a battery she knocked off the table as she strains to listen to Kim and Will. When Kim wants to investigate the noise in the cellar, a flailing Will deflects by suggesting they head upstairs. Kim’s excited, while Will steals himself. Afterwards, heading back downstairs with Kim, Will’s still painfully aware of Harriet in the cellar. When a satisfied Kim suggests meeting at her place next time, Will’s stricken to realise she’s expecting a repeat performance.

(Picture: ITV)

After Kim leaves, Will heads down to the cellar to check on Harriet. He defends his actions with Kim as a necessary distraction, but has this caused heartbroken Harriet to regress?

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 22 March on ITV.

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