Monday March 22, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Misfit Love (S12E55/55) (SD) New. Linden’s chivalry toward Faye places him in grave danger, and Michael jeopardises his career by lashing out at Ric for ruining the Holbycare pitch. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Do They Know It’s Christmas? (S20E16/47) (SD) New. Guppy is left in an impossible position when Jas makes a shocking request. Bruno ruins Nina’s hopes of a reconciliation with Abs. (Widescreen)

Tuesday March 23, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Shifts (S13E1/52) (SD) New. Henrik Hanssen, the new joint director of surgery, makes an impression on the staff, and Joseph is shocked when Faye lies about the paternity of her unborn child. (Widescreen)

(Picture: BBC)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Deny Thy Father (S20E17/47) (SD) New. Concluding part of the crossover between the hospital dramas. The explosion rips through Nightingale Wing, leaving a small band of survivors trapped as the fire rages. (Widescreen)

Wednesday March 24, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – The Short Straw (S13E2/52) (SD) New. The hospital’s staff become increasingly nervous in the face of Hanssen’s impending redundancies, prompting Connie to play the new director of surgery at his own game. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Out of Your Depth (S20E18/47) (SD) New. Jas begs Guppy for help, Tess uncovers Bruno’s racket and Harry realises Ellen’s offer of support is not all it seems. (Widescreen)

Thursday March 25, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Tough Love (S13E3/52) (SD) New. Ric tries to deny his declining health by focusing on his work, Jac warns Joseph to be wary of Faye, and Chrissie is attracted to Greg as she returns from maternity leave. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Poisoned Love (S20E19/47) (SD) New. Jas asks his son to steal medicine to help him overdose, but a suspicious Abs follows his trail. Meanwhile, Harry tries to cool off his relationship with Ellen. (Widescreen)

(Picture: BBC)

Friday March 26, 2021

09:30 Classic Holby City – Queen’s Gambit (S13E4/52) (SD) New. Jac makes a potentially fatal mistake with a patient but pins the blame on Chrissie, and Joseph considers sectioning Faye when she suffers a breakdown on the ward. (Widescreen)

10:55 Classic Casualty – Crossing the Line (S20E20/47) (SD) New. As Jas becomes increasingly distressed, Guppy pleads with Harry to help. Bruno’s underhand dealings trouble his conscience. (Widescreen)