Fishermen flock to the village of Solomon Gorge desperate to catch a giant fish that is said to lurk in the lake. Their plans are threatened however when hundreds of lycra clad sporting enthusiasts descend on the area for the Pyscho Mud Run.

When a violent attack leads Barnaby to the bucolic and picturesque village of Solomon Gorge, he is in complete admiration of the beauty of the place. And when a former colleague shows him a glimpse of the laid-back life of a retiree, Barnaby can’t help but wonder if it might be time for him to hand in his badge in favour of a more peaceful life… 

Just as Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster, Solomon Gorge has ‘Ahab’; a mysterious beast of a fish that has been rumoured to lurk in the lake’s waters. With several recent sightings, the stakes are raised when local fisherman Freddie Lamb (Aneurin Barnard) puts up £20k as prize money for whoever manages to catch the monster. Word soon spreads and it isn’t long until several world-renowned anglers descend into the sleepy town with the hopes of coming away with the prize money, including old school angler Damian Lint (John Stahl) and social media fishing legend Blaise McQuin (Bronagh Waugh).

However, the anglers face some stiff competition over rights to the lake with the arrival of an extreme obstacle course ‘Psycho Mud Run’, which is set to take place on the exact same weekend. Event organiser Ned Skye (Nitin Ganatra) ruffles feathers when he redirects the course so that it goes through the lake; no one will be able to catch anything once hundreds of lycra clad fitness fanatics start sploshing through the shallows.

One such fanatic is our very own Jamie Winter, who along with fellow Causton Police officer Jade–Marie Pierce (Eleanor Fanyinka) is determined to show the arrogant fire station team, led by cocky Lex Bedford (Andrew Brooke), how it’s really done. But something seems off with the usually unflappable Lex, and it seems he has good reason to be concerned when the race starts and several of the competitors are injured by fishing hooks and barbs hidden within the obstacles. 

The race is called off and it isn’t long before Barnabyfinds himself pulled on duty. When he goes to interview Ned he is surprised to find him with a friend from his past, former Dci Artie Blythe (Vincent Franklin). Seizing the opportunity to use Artie’s local knowledge, Barnaby employs Artie to help him look into the sabotage.

The next day the course is cleared to reopen, but Winter is surprised to see that his course nemesis Lex is missing. But the puzzle as to where Lex has been hiding is soon answered when Winter and Jade Marie find him electrocuted to death by one of the obstacles. As Barnaby and Winter look into Lex’s history, they’re surprised to learn that he too used to be a world-renowned fisherman, until he retired out of the blue 10 years ago. Barnaby is left working out whether his death was another part of a sabotage gone wrong, or whether in fact it was a desperate attempt by an angler to remove possible competition; £20k is a lot of money – how far would someone go to ensure they won?

(Picture: ITV)


  • Andrew Brooke as Lex Bedford
  • Aneurin Barnard as Freddie Lamb
  • Annette Badland as Fleur Perkins
  • Bronagh Waugh as Blaise McQuin
  • Chelsea Mather as Chelsea
  • Eleanor Fanyinka as Jade–Marie Pierce
  • Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby
  • Isabel Shaw as Betty Barnaby
  • John Stahl as Damian Lint
  • Krupa Pattani as Simone Skye
  • Lloyd Everitt as Harper Kaplan
  • Miles Jupp as Cornelius Tetbury
  • Morgan Watkins as Griffin Twigg
  • Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby
  • Nick Hendrix as Ds Jamie Winter
  • Nicola Stephenson as Izzy Silvermane
  • Nitin Ganatra as Ned Skye
  • Paul Hunter as Gert Michaels
  • Vincent Franklin as Artie Blythe

With Baited Breath airs Sunday, March 28th, 2021 at 8pm on ITV.