Doctors: S22E22 – You Win Some
Wednesday 24 March 2021
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Simon J Curtis
  • Written by Sarah Hehir
  • Directed by Niall Fraser

Sid is given a challenge by an old friend.

Valerie gets a mysterious letter.

Bear learns about the new head of the Patient Participation Group.

Luca deals with a family whose need for travel vaccinations leads to trouble.

Bear realises Valerie used to know the new head of the PPG, who he is meeting for the first time tomorrow. She promises to fill him in. But a mysterious envelope seems to be weighing on her mind. Valerie fills Bear in on Miranda Evans – she was a terrible manger, a real bully.


  • Andrew Lewis as John Barnett
  • Ashley Rice as Dr Sid Vere
  • Dex Lee as Bear Sylvester
  • Jan Pearson as Karen Hollins
  • John Leader as Lewis Ainsley
  • Matthew Chambers as Dr Daniel Granger
  • Maxine Finch as Taya Barnett
  • Mica Ricketts as Selina Barnett
  • Ross McLaren as Luca McIntyre
  • Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman