It’s meant to be the happiest day of Mandy’s life next week as she prepares to marry Paul except this is Emmerdale and of course that would be too easy to have things go smoothly. Kidnapped kidnappers, secrets, a determined-to-get-to-the-truth Liv and a stressed Jimmy combine to make this week umissable.

Aaron calls Paul and asks to meet him at the Dingles’ for a ‘pre-wedding surprise’ which turns out to be a kidnapped Connor. Connor tries to reveal the truth but is gagged and unintelligible and Paul manages to persuade Aaron to leave him alone with Connor. Connor escapes and Paul lies about what happened.

Later, a run-in with Connor on the outskirts of the village leads Liv to figure out the truth about Paul. Liv is pale as the pieces begin to fall into place for her.

Aaron tries to get Vinny to open up (Picture: ITV)

Worried about her friend, Liv confides in Aaron and they make it their mission to get Vinny to tell Mandy the truth about Paul but will they succeed?

The next day, Mandy’s nerves are getting to her as she prepares for the wedding, unaware Vinny is taking another brutal beating from his father. Aaron tries to get Vinny to open up as Liv confronts Paul in the wedding barn but has she put herself in grave danger?

How will Paul react when he’s confronted? Is Mandy’s wedding day set to end in tragedy?

Carnage in the dales but who will perish, and how? (Picture: ITV)

Originally tweeted by Emmerdale (@emmerdale) on 23 Mar 2021.

Emmerdale kicks a big week from Monday 29 March on ITV.