Hollyoaks spoilers: Friday 2 April 2021

Friday 2 April 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Rebecca Ramsden
  • Director – Miguel Guerreiro

Maxine is shocked when Brad makes a pass at her. Luke takes his anger out on Mandy when Ollie doesn’t come home for his 18th birthday. Cher has a tough decision to make. And Mercedes has a proposition for Sylver.

After finding it difficult to process some heart-breaking information about his girlfriend, Toby sets himself the mission of tracking down her abuser, Pete, but it’s not long before Cleo discovers what Toby’s up to… Later, Cleo fears that Pete may have returned to the village.

It’s heartbreak for Trish as she sees her boyfriend Brad making a move on her daughter, Maxine, unaware that Brad is dealing with a difficult ultimatum given to him by his ex-business partner, Fergus. He has a huge decision to make, but will Trish make his decision for him…

Cher is faced with a difficult ultimatum… Meanwhile, Cher’s anti-trolling video has resulted in the trolls making her the target…

Luke is heartbroken about his fractured relationship with his son, as he is nowhere to be seen on his 18th birthday. When Mandy tries to reach out to Luke, he takes his anger out on her, and demands that she moves out today… Later, Luke discovers that Ollie hasn’t been living with Ste for the past few weeks, where is

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