Keeley and the syndicate tell Mercury Millions that they are the real lottery winners, not Frank. But without their ticket, they have no proof. How are they ever going to convince anyone they’re the real winners?

With £27 million on the line, the syndicate decide to take the problem into their own hands. They will track down Frank in Monaco themselves and force him to confess. But they’re shocked by how expensive last-minute flights are – none of the syndicate have that kind of money just lying around to throw at a wild goose chase… They’d have to beg, borrow and steal to get the cash together, but isn’t it worth the gamble, with £27 million at stake?

Colette is also facing an unexpected dilemma. One of the customers from the kennels wants to take her out for a drink. He’s a handsome, charming businessman, but Colette is torn. If she gets close to him, she might be forced to reveal the truth about her past. She moved across the country and changed her name to try to get a fresh start, but could this man be worth the risk?

As the syndicate try to scrape together the money for their flights, Frank is living a life of luxury with his dog Duke in Monaco. Frank’s outrageous bets are turning heads all over the city. When he sees a strange man spying on him at the casino, he is unnerved. Does this man have his eye on Frank’s prize money?


  • Director – Kay Mellor
  • Producer – Josh Dynevor
  • Writer – Kay Mellor


  • Alex Gaumond as Claude
  • Angela Lonsdale as Mrs Lavine
  • Emily Head as Colette
  • Gaynor Faye as Cheryl
  • Genevieve Doang as Melissa
  • Jonathan Kerrigan as Richard
  • Jordan Waller as Michel
  • Katherine Rose Morley as Keeley
  • Kieran Urquhart as Jake
  • Liberty Hobbs as Gemma
  • Lorraine Bruce as Denise
  • Mark Benton as Graham
  • Michael Baines as Police officer
  • Michael Shelford as Miles
  • Moey Hassan as Gas man
  • Neil Morrissey as Frank
  • Nicole Pattinson as Receptionist
  • Oliver Anthony as Theo
  • Sabrina Sandhu as Taj
  • Sarah Madigan as Veterinary nurse
  • Steve Cooper as Mr Lavine
  • Taj Atwal as Roxy
  • Victoria Bailey as Bank cashier
  • Whoopie van Raam as Felicity Dupont
  • Yan Tual as Pierre Moreau

Episode 2 of The Syndicate airs 6th April at 9pm on BBC One