The Wind in the Willows (1994) on BBC Radio 4 Extra

Mole, Ratty, Toad and Badger’s famous adventure dramatised and narrated by Alan Bennett. With Richard Briers and Derek Waring.

Alan Bennett’s acclaimed Royal National Theatre version of Kenneth Grahame classic story, with original music and songs by Jeremy Sams.


  • Albert by Terence Rigby
  • Badger by Derek Waring
  • Chief Weasel by David March
  • Magistrate by Leslie Phillips
  • Mole by Adrian Scarborough
  • Monlca by Allson Dowling
  • Otter by John Hartley
  • Rat by Richard Briers
  • Rupert by Graham Seed
  • Toad by Nickolas Grace
  • Weasel Norman by Stephen Tompkinson

Narrator – Alan Bennett

Other cast memebers:

  • Amy Stanton
  • Belinda Baldwin
  • Danny Schiller
  • David Holt
  • David Sinclair
  • Elizabeth Mansfield
  • Geoffrey Matthews
  • Jack Stevens
  • James Hall
  • James Taylor
  • Jeffrey Holland
  • Jessie Holder
  • Jill Graham
  • Luciano Macis
  • Lucie Fitchett
  • Maria Charles
  • Natasha Pyne
  • Paul Panting
  • Peter Acre
  • Peter Kenny
  • Peter Whitman
  • Sam Gordon
  • Simon Treves
  • Stefan Arestis
  • Tina Gray
  • Tom Bevan
  • Victoria Gunning
  • Victoria Wojciechowska


  • Sara Clarke
  • Williams Cox
  • Julia Findon
  • Nicola Hadley
  • Anna Hemery
  • Juliet Leighton-Jones
  • Christopher O’Neal
  • Jane Pickle
  • Andrew Roberts
  • Jeremy Sams
  • Jane Sebba
  • Kate Somerby
  • Missak Takoussian
  • Keith Thompson
  • Christopher Wells

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1994.

The Wind in the Willows airs BBC Radio 4 Extra at 6am then again at 4pm on Saturday 3 April 2021

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