Tonight Fair City airs its first kiss since their return last September between Mairead (Amy Kirwan) and Damien (Maclean Burke).

As Mairead unleashes her fury on Damien after finding out the truth about his one-night stand she gives makes her feelings of betrayal clear to Dearbhla. Tommy admonishes Dearbhla for her actions.

(Picture: RTE)

It is clear Damien is not going to give up on their relationship and tells Mairead. However, Mairead refuses to give their relationship one last try which understandably leaves Damien devastated.

All hope isn’t lost when Laura delivers a message from Damien to Mairead and there are shocks when Mairead tells Damien they are to give things another go.

(Picture: RTE)

These scenes air tonight on RTE One at 8:30pm