‘Go big or go home!’ – that’s the motto for the latest episode of Iaith ar Daith (Welsh Road-trip) where comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean goes on a journey to learn Welsh with one of Wales’s most colourful characters, Maggi Noggi.

And the two have much more in common than the big hair, statement ear-rings and glamorous outfits – they both absolutely love living on Anglesey.

(Picture: S4C)

Kiri is a familiar face on the British comedy circuit and a regular guest on panel shows such as Would I Lie to You?, Richard Osman’s House of Games and Have I Got News for You.

She was born and brought up on Anglesey, and after years of living in England she has moved back to live on the island and is very keen to learn Welsh.

“I am at my happiest and most relaxed when I’m in Wales,” said Kiri. “I moved back to Wales because it was always the plan, really. I should have said that out loud to my boyfriend when we first got together! When I wanted to start a family, this was the first and only place on the list, really.”

“Now, I want to find my confidence in Welsh. I’m very confident in English – too confident some might say!”

During this series, several of the celebrities have had their dreams come true but have also faced the things that they have found most challenging about learning Welsh. In Kiri’s case – she wants to be funny in Welsh.

“It’s important for me to feel funny,” said Kiri. “I don’t feel funny in Welsh – my dream would be to do stand-up in Welsh.”

Well – Kiri is about to get her chance – a stand-up session on the stage of the Wellman’s in Llangefni for S4C Comedy. And there is an old friend and familiar face in the audience to offer some encouragement.

And Maggi has a word or two of advice for Kiri before she ventures on stage – “go big or go home!”

Will Kiri cope with the nerves and realise her dream of performing stand-up in Welsh? All will be revealed on Iaith ar Daith, Sunday, 4 April at 8pm on S4C.

As well as the Wellman’s in Llangefni, Kiri and Maggi visit several places on Anglesey including Red Wharf Bay, where Kiri learns more about the history of Land Rover and Llanddwyn Island. The journey comes to an end in Melin Llynnon, Llanddeusant where the two enjoy a well-deserved gin and tonic and slice of vegan cake.

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