The Syndicate Review: Episode Two – Going loco in Monaco

Back with our favourite lottery winners on BBC One and while most of us would love to win £500 this bunch of lucky so-and-sos were trying to track down the rat who cashed in their £27 million lottery win.

Meanwhile, Frank was living it up with Duke, his dog, in Monaco and casually plotting to spend millions on a property, as you do but wasn’t alone. Nevermind a million quid half this episode was spent trying to raise a few hundred pound just to get out of the country then there was where to stay, food and what if he wasn’t there but in Las Vegas? …so many questions.

(Picture: BBC)

I do enjoy The Syndicate but it’s so bloody frustrating at times. 6 episodes of this could have been cut if they stopped spending half the time working on one plan just to change it 5 minutes later and Mr glass-half-empty, Jake, gets really irritating after a short space of time.

(Picture: BBC)

Catch up on Episode 2 here

The Syndicate back next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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