Friday 9 April 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Alanna Hallum
  • Director – Edem Kelman

Sienna is up to her old tricks when she goes a step too far with her plan to win back Brody. Verity is ready to leave the village for good, but will Sami have a change of heart? Imran fears that he and Brooke are drifting apart. And Warren is becoming impatient.

Sly Sienna is back to her old tricks when she spikes Summer’s drink, making her pass out and giving Sienna time alone with Brody, but Sienna has no idea who she is messing with, and it looks like she has met her match…

Ripley encourages Brooke to wear a suit to have some photos taken at the market, but Imran is worried that he and Brooke are drifting apart and he doesn’t fit in with her new style.

Unlikely duo James and Shaq team up to trick Sami into admitting his true feelings for Verity before its too late, but will he have a change of heart…

Felix faces Martine’s wrath after she overhears him asking Celeste for a favour, which would involve her in the dodgy business deal. Later, Celeste sees the passion in Martine’s eyes when she’s shouting at Felix, and believes that Martine is still in love with him.