Neighbours spoilers: Tuesday 13 April 2021

Tuesday 13 April 2021, Channel 5, 1:45pm to 2:15pm

  • Writer – Matthew Bon
  • Director – Tony Osicka

Olivia fully believes Karl pushed her down the stairs, despite him being confident of his innocence. Aaron needs a way to properly grieve, causing David to suggest a new tradition. Nicolette worries about Chloe’s lack of coping with the loss of Fay.


  • Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy
  • Alyce Platt as Olivia Bell
  • April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan
  • Bonnie Anderson as Bea Nilsson
  • Charlotte Chimes as Nicolette Stone
  • Ezra Justin as Emmett Donaldson
  • Geoff Paine as Clive Gibbons
  • Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy
  • John Turner as Hugo Somers
  • Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan
  • Richie Morris as Levi Canning
  • Ryan Moloney as Toadie Rebecchi
  • Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi
  • Takaya Honda as David Tanaka

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