Monday 19 April 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Sachin Kureishi
  • Director – Griff Rowland

James is frustrated to hear that Ste has taken an offer on his house without consulting him, but Ste wants to fix his own problems, and feels like James doesn’t treat him as an equal. Later, when the pair bump into George and John Paul, Ste’s feelings are reaffirmed when James implies that a cleaner and a lawyer aren’t a good match….

Meanwhile, George rages with jealousy after their run in with John Paul’s ex’s, and, following an argument, John Paul is left drinking alone on the city walls, where he reunites with Ste…

Peri receives a mysterious gift and opens it to discover it’s a new bikini. She tries it on, unaware that Fergus is watching her on CCTV. Later, she is horrified to find out the gift wasn’t from Juliet.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Nancy assigns Juliet and Sid with an essay on their post school ambitions. Sid is adamant that he wants a normal life, but Imran, Juliet and Courtney try to get him to see his potential.

Martine has a family meeting with Toby, Celeste and Walter, and Felix is suspicious to see them having a serious discussion without him.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)