Wednesday 28 April 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Jane Wainwright
  • Director – Isher Sahota

Cher’s torment of Mercedes reaches another level. Shaq is backed into a corner and forced to admit the truth. Tony is shocked to discover that Diane cancelled her scan.

Mercedes has some bad news, and finds solace in Gabriel’s memory box, but when she tries to use her loss to appeal to Cher, her step-daughter steals the box of memories of Mercedes’ stillborn son. Later, it appears that Cher is gas-lighting Mercedes…

Nancy questions George’s ex-boyfriend Dean over his intentions after he returns to the village..

Tony is shocked to discover that Diane has cancelled her scan – as her mental health issues continue. As he hangs on the phone to the hospital, his wife is forced to admit she doesn’t want to go to the appointment….

The Maalik family are thrown into crisis when Shaq is forced to make a shocking confession.