Thursday 6th of May 2021, RTE One, 8:00pm – 8:30pm

Liam realises it’s time to come clean. Alex discovers the truth about James when his mask slips. Pete and Sean flounder when Vinny shows she’s always one step ahead.

(Picture: RTE)

In tonight’s Fair City on RTÉ One at 8PM, Fr. Liam finally tells Hayley that he is her father. Fans of the soap will remember that Ger told Fr. Liam that he was indeed Hayley’s dad a number of weeks ago when she went to give her confession. Soon after, Fr. Liam had a decision to make, whether to tell her or not. 

Putting his distance between himself and his newfound daughter, Liam decided not to tell her. Under increasing pressure from Carol to tell Hayley the truth, Liam bumps into Anto while looking after Jack. With Anto explaining where Jack’s dad is and that it’s at his age that they need all of the attention and structure Liam then references that Anto ‘stepped up’ for Hayley ‘when her real da wasn’t around’. 

How will Hayley react to finally finding out who her dad is?

(Picture: RTE)