Liv freezes a little when Vinny tells her his therapy sessions have left him with more questions about the past. Sensing this worries Liv, Vinny wonders what’s really going on with her. Later, at the christening, Liv feels utterly lost and takes another drink of vodka to numb the pain. Vinny’s shocked to discover Liv covertly drinking and sees she’s at breaking point. Will Vinny find out the true extent of her drinking and will Liv be able to tell Vinny the truth about what really happened with Paul?

Marlon tries to lay down the law to his prospective new tenants but he’s already on the back foot

At Frankie’s christening, tensions mount between the Dingles and Pollard and Tracy, having had enough of the day’s stresses and tensions, asks Pollard to take her home.

Cain’s suspicious when a woozy Kim offers to check-in on Lydia who’s still distraught over all the rumours circulating about her.

Feeling overwhelmed, Jimmy confides in Mandy over his marital struggles and the custody battle. When Mandy tells Jimmy he needs to put Carl first when considering his plea, Jimmy makes a call to Juliette. The next day, Nicola’s shocked to discover Jimmy’s invited Juliette over for a discussion and can’t believe it when he opens up to her about Carl’s silence and suggests she take him out to see if she can get him to open up. Later, Ethan tells Jimmy the meteorological report from the day of the crash could be vital in proving his innocence but Jimmy thinks they need to start looking at different angles on his case. Back at home, Jimmy tells Nicola he’s going to plead guilty to his charge and makes it clear his mind’s made up. The next day, Nicola despairs over the prospect of Jimmy pleading ‘guilty but he evades talking to her about it.

Brenda continues to accuse Faith of stealing her brooch, Aaron overhears and knowing the truth, realises he needs to do something to sort the situation out. Pollard tries to explain to Brenda he only has eyes for her, but heartbroken Brenda is adamant their relationship is over for as long as Faith remains on the scene. When Mack refuses to return the brooch, Aaron takes matters into his own hands and steals it back from him. Aaron breaks-in to Pollard’s Barn to return the brooch and is caught red-handed. He tries to escape but Pollard hits him with a bat, knocking him to the ground. The next day, Mack visits Aaron in the hospital and compels him to keep quiet on his involvement in the brooch theft but will he agree?

Pollard’s confused when he and David discover Brenda’s brooch has returned; Pollard is insistent it wasn’t there earlier. Pollard and David start to suspect Aaron broke-in to return Brenda’s brooch on Faith’s behalf. Faith’s distraught as she continues to be accused of having a hand in the brooch theft, however, Pollard’s stunned when the police arrive and charge him for Aaron’s injuries.