Doctors: S22E39 – Brother Love
Monday 10 May 2021
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Caroline Slater
  • Written by Liz Taylor
  • Directed by Niall Fraser

Valerie gets excited by her first day of HCA training, and is then surprised when Nathan turns up at the Mill.

Jimmi gets drawn into a dispute between a brother and sister.

Valerie investigates what her HCA training will involve.

Lynda visits Patrick at home with supplies, because he has holed up at home and no longer wants to go outside, insisting on just working at home. Lynda sees Jimmi at the Icon Bar, and tells him about Patrick’s obsessions.

Jimmi can’t do anything unless Patrick comes to him.


  • Adrian Lewis Morgan as Dr Jimmi Clay
  • Andrew Langtree as Patrick Barclay
  • Ashley Rice as Dr Sid Vere
  • Ian Midlane as Dr Al Haskey
  • James Barriscale as Nathan Sallery
  • Jan Pearson as Karen Hollins
  • Neil Paul as Ali Gill
  • Sarah Middleton as Lynda Barclay
  • Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman