Hollyoaks spoilers: Thursday 13 May 2021

Thursday 13 May 2021 (E4) 7:00pm – 7:30pm

  • Writer – Katrina Smith-Jackson
  • Director – Tim Hopewell

Martine is due to get her biopsy results, and the Dee Valley Businesswoman of the Year winner is set to be announced. Elsewhere, the McQueens get rid of George’s belongings, but Goldie lands John Paul in hot water. Fergus has a solution for Juliet to get her relationship back on track. And Marco and Jacob tell Trish about their plan.

It’s the day Martine is getting her biopsy results, and also the day the Dee Valley Business Woman of The Year winner is announced. Martine is angry with Grace for betraying her trust and telling Felix that she’s getting her biopsy results today. Grace tells her that she can accept help, and she tags along with Martine to the hospital, uninvited, to support her.

The McQueens are getting rid of all of George’s stuff, but Goldie regrets selling George’s old tablet when the buyer finds new evidence for the murder case.

Peri is done with playing games and demands to know who Juliet is texting. Later, Fergus talks to Juliet, and tells her he has the perfect solution to her relationship worries. Also, Juliet reveals to Sid who has been texting her…

Marco introduces Jacob to Trish and Maxine, as they reveal their plan, and tell them that the dance school is finished, but Maxine warns them that she will get the solicitors involved…

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