Let’s start with Coronation Street and in the week that followed Seb’s death it gave Sally Carman more oppitunity to shine. If there is one thing Corrie has going for it over other soaps, atm, it is the ability to really nail their hard hitting stories. 6 months ago evil Geoff’s story came to an end and while i’d have loved for him to go to prison seeing him laying brown bread was still good. Coronation Street is showing that you don’t need big stunts, explosions and destruction to make for gripping telly. Sally (Abi), David (Roy), and Mollie (Nina) are proving when the writing is good you don’t need much else to keep us hooked.

Coronation Street is way ahead of other soaps (Picture: ITV)

On to Hollyoaks and there was some high points but nothing that really wowed me and while Corrie has fantastic castings Hollyoaks gives us cringey moments with AJ and Curtis Pritchard who seem to bring nothing but “an absolute car crash” according to former Hollyoaks star Gerard McCarthy.

A telly turn off (Picture: Lime Pictures)

A big week for EastEnders and the Ballum fans as their favourite couple got married after a will they, won’t they episode. Am I glad they were able to bubble up and have a non socially distanced wedding? absolute BUT that was all it was every other scene that followed didn’t take advantage of it from the car crash to the scenes at the hospital. A few more months wouldn’t have hurt.

Speaking of hurt EastEnders will insist on giving us everything ahead of it happening. They gave us a trailer for the scene and then the audio description gave away who had been injured, nice one BBC. It was nice seeing a softer side of Phil and I think he genuinely does care for Kat but this whole Gray/Whitney story I feel will have Kat dragged into it now.

Finally to Emmerdale and we had a christening to enjoy but Liv who has struggeld since scummy Paul’s death cracked and started drinking, thankfully Emmerdale didn’t drag this out and Vinny found out pretty fast and confronted her. There is a fair bit to come with Liv and the drinking but as Vinny turned his back on Liv it remains to be seen where these 2 go next. I personally hope they come together as they make a nice couple.

I find myself softening towards Mackenzie and when he isn’t being a complete nob he’s an alright character and his scenes with Ryan this week made for intresting viewing – just please don’t have Ryan dragged into your criminal shenanigans.

I wonder where this will lead? (Picture: ITV)